Minggu, 06 Desember 2015

Motor Losari Automotive Review

Lobomexicano. Honda tiger - This is the new motor of State Samba Brazil. 250 cc naked sport still using technology that is unique air-cooled engines but with the addition of Oil Cooler. And indeed the Honda CB series 300cc engine berkubikasi down parts of the world have a differentiation of different audiences, such as the All New Honda CB150R in Indonesia and Honda CB250F / CB300F hemisphere Europe is already using cooled DOHC engine radiator. CB series and in others such as Honda CB110 Honda CB160R in India and Honda CB190R in China still use air-cooled engine fins, you can see list price on the motor losari automotive review

Back to Honda CB250 Twister viewers, according to sources that I can (here) mentioned some of the features and specifications. The first is the engine, DOHC 4 valve engine 249,5cc already on atomizer fuel injection type which is unique Flex can use gasoline and ethanol fuel

Honda Tiger

And that this signifies CB Modern design is velgnya we know, similar to the latest CB CB-wheels such as CB K15G

And the stern section, well this is more akin to Honda CB160R Indian audience, look, there are horns, brake lights were already LED

And other features such as the tank lid average, there pass beam and engine kill and brakes that have ABS on a special variant, Lastly, reportedly Honda CB250 Twister 2016 priced at R $ 13.050 (STD) and R $ 14.550 (version ABS), or if dirupiahkan around Rp. 47, 670 million (std) and Rp. 53 150 million