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5 Logo Design Inspiration For University of Florida Alumni Track & Field Team

Sports & Recreation - Design Contest Brief for University of Florida Alumni Track & Field Team Logo Designs, What We Do? Our private organization (club) are made up of former Track & Field athletes that competed for the University of Florida. We are not sponsored nor endorsed by the University, but we have annual gatherings at the University. This logo will be used to go on the front of competing senior athletes jersey and will also be reduced to be printed on hats, polo shirts on a smaller scale. Industry is a Sports & Recreation.

Things to Communicate Through Our Design and Target Audience

Sports & Recreation

Who we are with out infringing on any copy rite laws, The people wearing this logo were once world class athletes, Several of us competed and won medals during Olympic competitions.

And Target Audience is All former University of Florida Track & Field athletes, that have shown an interest in competing in future senior games that are being held all around the world. All ages over college level, all races and gender.

What We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)?

We want something that shows The University of Florida, the state of Florida, our colors are Orange Pantone 172 and Blue pantone 287.

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